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Online Services for Tracking Your Shipments in Real Time and Personally Monitoring their Progress

By combining IT technology with the world of Mobile, Eurodifarm is pleased to present Mobile Track, an innovative Tracking e Monitoring Online service that allows the user to track the logistic cycle of the pharmaceutical product from start to finish in real time, by using mobile devices.

The result of the company’s collaboration with Vodafone, Mobile Track therefore provides the possibility for users to access information updated in real time on the delivery status of the products, as well as to search for, visualise, and monitor the status of a delivery at any time.

The service was custom-designed to meet the demands of our market. In response to requests for rapid access to information on the delivery of products, Eurodifarm developed an innovative system that enables information to be exchanged between Eurodifarm, its hubs and regional platforms, its partners and each of the 800+ vehicles used nationwide.
Our drivers are equipped with ad hoc mobile devices which allow them to send the details of the deliveries made to the central system, for each individual shipment. They can also communicate shipment-specific reports relative to any mistakes, or suspended deliveries, so solving any problems that may occur as quickly as possible.

In short, here is an overview of all the online functions and benefits that the Online Mobile Track Service offers customers.

Mobile Track enables the user to:

  • Search for, visualise and monitor the status of his shipments in absolute autonomy, 24 hours a day
  • Access the result of each delivery (date and time) in real time, including any comments and the name/surname of the recipient
  • Request a pick-up in a specific area online thanks to the automated process for forwarding the pick-up order to the relative platform
  • Measure service levels and create customised KPIs
  • Check that the delivery is made by the time established and within the time zone agreed.

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