Servizi di distribuzione

Distribution Services

Temperature Controlled Distribution Services for the Protection of your Pharmaceuticals

Each day, Eurodifarm picks up pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biomedical products from its customers, and following a dedicated logistic process that takes place in our Hubs, it transports and delivers them directly to the regional platforms at destination, where our expert staff sorts them and prepares them for the subsequent final delivery to the end customers.

Throughout the detailed distribution process, we ensure that the Pharmaceutical is constantly protected and guaranteed, being stored at a controlled temperature of 2-8°C and 8-25°C. The entire process is complaint with quality standards and certified for safety. The cold chain is continuously monitored and a full temperature report showing the values recorded throughout the entire process is available to the customer on request.
With the support of an innovative Control Tower, integrated with a dedicated Customer Service, Eurodifarm is capable of coordinating the movement of the products under the services listed below, optimising the flow of goods and guaranteeing that the details of every single delivery can be continuously tracked and accessed.

SOS Service

Guaranteed delivery of Lifesaving Products in 4-8-12 hours.


  • Dedicated email address:
  • Urgent, dedicated delivery guaranteed throughout Italy.

SAME DAY Service

Pick-up and Same Day Delivery throughout Italy.


  • Continuous, dedicated monitoring of the shipment
  • Guaranteed time-specific delivery
  • Maximum flexibility regarding timetable and itinerary.

AIR Freight Service

To the South and the Islands in 24-48 hours.


  • Daily connections between Milan Linate Airport and all the main Italian Airports
  • 24 hour delivery to Sardinia, Calabria and Sicily
  • Flexibility regarding weight and packages transported in the aircraft hold.


Guaranteed delivery in 24-48-72 hours throughout Italy with No Weight Restrictions.


  • Possibility of time-specific deliveries on request
  • Guaranteed deliveries throughout Italy
  • Constant real time monitoring of deliveries.

ON BOARD Service

Immediate departure of our staff on scheduled flights to Any Destination.


  • Bespoke management of the products and of urgent deliveries
  • Packages delivered first-hand to recipient by our own expert staff
  • Maximum flexibility regarding time schedules and how the service is organized.

FLT/LTL Service (Full Load Truck)

The new service Primary Route “FLT/LTL” satisfies requirements for full or partial loads.


  • Transportation of full or partial loads
  • National and international service
  • Products protected using the latest sophisticated Anti-Robbery Satellite systems.

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