Technologies, Procedures and Training to Transport Pharmaceuticals Safely

In the last few years, Eurodifarm has adopted a policy that aims to improve and consolidate the security level of its transport and warehouses by investing heavily in these aspects of its business.

In both cases Eurodifarm has assigned priority to three specific areas:

Implementation and Improvement of Technologies

  • The company only uses vehicles equipped with satellite systems that have been fitted with the appropriate security devices:
    • Panic Button
    • Starter Block
    • Trailer detachment Alarm
    • Loading Door Alarm
  • Installation of modern alarm and video surveillance systems inside and outside our hubs and regional platforms.

Security Procedures

  • Our specialised staff tests the working order of the satellite systems and checks these before each load
  • Full, periodic review of all the security procedures in accordance with TAPA standards.

Training Specifici relativi alla Sicurezza durante il Trasporto e dei Magazzini

  • Continuous Training for drivers on the procedures and behavioural codes to be adopted during the journey or in the case of criminal events
  • Information about the behavioural standards to be adopted to ensure that goods are transported safely
  • Security Awareness training provided to employees and the workers engaged in the warehouses
  • “Facility Robbery Avoidance & Response” Training for the prevention of robberies in the hubs and regional platforms.