Hub in Milan

12/01/2013 Categoria:

The Hub in Milan is an advanced logistic centre where goods are received and distributed. Each day the Hub handles 100.000 packages and makes more than 10.000 shipments throughout Italy.

The centre is surrounded by a service area of 16.000 m², and features a large climate-controlled warehouse spanning 8.518 m² with 60 loading docks. The temperature is maintained at +8/25°C by a central system, supported by a cooler. Goods are instead handled and stored at a temperature of +2/8°C in two large cold rooms (+2/8°C), the first spanning 500 m², equipped with 4 specific loading docks to minimize heat dispersion and the second of 200 m², constantly monitored by intelligent probes for recording the temperature. The extensive cold room spanning 500 m² also contains an area where psycho pharmaceutical products can be stored safely.

The temperature is checked and monitored by the use of appropriate, suitable measuring instruments, which have been adequately checked, and are calibrated as often as required.

Products are stored under conditions of maximum security, both inside and outside the site, thanks to video surveillance cameras that monitor operations, and a perimeter and volumetric alarm system.