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Eurodifarm builds its development strategies on innovation and believes that the only way to respond to the challenges presented by the market today is to maintain a strong, continuous commitment towards new ideas, which serves to create and maintain competitive advantages in the long term.


Digital Proof of Delivery (POD): operations control and electronic proof of delivery

Eurodifarm offers complete control of delivery activities, thanks to a digital service that allows you to receive documents in electronic format, including proof of delivery signed by the final recipient. The documents are converted into electronic format, archived and are available in real time thus simplifying all administrative tasks.

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Radio frequency scanning

Thanks to the use of radio frequency technology for scanning and verifying barcodes, Eurodifarm is able to carry out careful checks during all phases of transport. The procedure adopted allows you to have a complete and accurate view of all incoming and outgoing products at the hubs and distribution platforms.
The control of products in transit is careful and punctual as the arrival time of the goods is inherited directly from the server, moreover, it is possible to locate the product and verify the correct point of destination, thus guaranteeing complete transparency of operations and a service more and more accurate.
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Technological Innovation Mobile Track

By responding to the market’s demands, namely the rapid availability of information regarding the delivery of products, in collaboration with Vodafone, Eurodifarm has developed an innovative application that can be installed on Android devices and allows the user to identify his shipments by reading the QR Code printed on every waybill. When this has been read, the application interfaces with the Eurodifarm server, via a mobile device, in order to update the status of the shipments in real time and provide instant traceability.

Collaborazione con VodafoneThe company’s collaboration with Vodafone began in September 2011 when Eurodifarm launched Mobile Track on the market, an innovative Track & Trace Online service that uses mobile devices to track the entire logistic cycle of the pharmaceutical product in real time.

The first step of the pilot project involved 3 regional distribution platforms and 103 drivers equipped with specific mobile devices. Given the positive results achieved, from June 2012 on, the real time tracking and monitoring service was made available to all customers nationwide.

The complexity of the project, due to the large number of players involved, the fast execution and the excellent results obtained have all contributed to making this innovative technological creation a true Best Practice.