Eurodifarm has always placed Innovation at the center of its development strategy.

In order to respond to the growing needs of the pharmaceutical market, Eurodifarm has invested in a new solution for the Cold Chain distribution service.

BIOPHARMA NETWORK is born, an innovative, sustainable and validated solution for the distribution of Biotech products that allows the Real Time monitoring of the temperature of the single shipments, during all the transport phases.

One of the strengths of BIOPHARMA NETWORK is the Quality Control Tower: a team of experts dedicated to real time monitoring that enables and guarantees, thanks to IT governance, the traceability of each single package along the distribution process and proactively manages eventual Alerts.

A single temperature monitoring system ensures IT governance of the entire process. The system is also validated in compliance with the most stringent regulations of the pharmaceutical system CFR21 part 11 and GMP Vol4 Annex 11.

In addition, the service guarantees high environmental sustainability as the process drastically reduces the use of isothermal polystyrene packaging and refrigerant material for secondary packaging.

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