Servizi di distribuzione


Your Italian Expert in the Distribution of Temperature Controlled Pharmaceutical Products

Eurodifarm, the leading company in Italy for the temperature controlled logistic distribution of pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biomedical products, is able to offer the specialised, integrated and innovative logistic solutions needed to ensure an effective, efficient management of the delicate, detailed pharmaceuticals distribution chain, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies and solid, advanced information systems.

Eurodifarm has partnered the leading companies in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors for over 15 years and distributes each pharmaceutical product in full compliance with the regulations in force and with its customers’ expectations. It has continued investing in this aspect of its business with a view to further strengthening the capillarity of the temperature controlled distribution chain, improving its standards in relation to reliability, quality and safety and developing innovative services in accordance with
the demands forwarded by the market.

The Eurodifarm headquarters is an advanced logistic hub, a point where goods are received and distributed. It is located in Casalmaiocco (Milan), in a strategic position near the main Milan bypasses.


The Hub in Milan in figures

  • Temperature controlled area: Climate-controlled warehouse (+8/25°C) of 8.518 m²
  • Refrigerated storage area: Two large cold rooms (+2/8°C), the first spanning 500 m², equipped with 4 specific loading docks to minimize heat dispersion and the second of 200 m2, constantly monitored by intelligent probes for recording the temperature
  • Cover: The Hub covers 22 regional platforms using a solid, detailed system of primary routes
  • Shipments: 10.000 shipments leave the Hub and more than 100.000 packages are handled daily at Casalmaiocco alone.