Eurodifarm: new investments dedicated to the transport of LSH products of the Biotech sector at 2/8°C – The “BIOPHARMA NETWORK” is born

27/09/2021 Categoria: Nuovi Servizi, Qualità, Sostenibilità

  • Innovative, sustainable and validated solution for the distribution of Biotech products
  • Temperature monitoring system of each single shipment in Real Time with a Quality Control Tower manned by a team of experts
  • Guaranteed stability of temperature-sensitive drugs thanks to a full cold chain

Milan, September 27, 2021 – Eurodifarm, a Deutsche Post DHL Group company specialized in the distribution logistics of pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biomedical products at controlled temperatures, has invested in a new and innovative service dedicated to the transport and delivery of Life Sciences & Healthcare Biotechnological products refrigerated at 2/8°C called “BIOPHARMA NETWORK”.

The project integrates innovative solutions such as real time monitoring of the product temperature during transport from central warehouses to final customers through an integrated system monitored by a Quality Control Tower, manned by a dedicated team of experts, able to track the temperature of each package throughout the distribution process.
A single temperature monitoring system ensures IT governance of the entire process. The system is also validated in compliance with the most stringent regulations of the pharmaceutical system CFR21 part 11 and GMP Vol4 Annex 11.

In addition, the service guarantees high environmental sustainability as the process drastically reduces the use of isothermal polystyrene packaging and refrigerant material for secondary packaging.   Pharmaceutical products that require a controlled temperature between 2 and 8°C represent a booming market segment, as evidenced by the data processed by the Milan Polytechnic Observatory, which show that transport flows related to this temperature range have been growing steadily since 2018. Investments in pharmacological research, in fact, are currently very focused on gene therapies that aim at a very personalized type of medical treatment that involves the use of biotech drugs: Biotech.

Thanks to the strength and the capillarity of its network, in the last year Eurodifarm has delivered more than 44 million packages to pharmacies, intermediate distributors, hospitals, ASL, analysis laboratories, patients located on the national territory, has carried out 4,3 million shipments on behalf of the main pharmaceutical, diagnostic, biomedical, health and hospital companies and has transported more than 164 million kg of products.

“The pandemic has left us with the awareness of the centrality of the logistics sector in the healthcare sector, both in terms of distribution and warehousing” – comments Aldo Soffientini, Eurodifarm CEO. – “The Life Sciences and Healthcare sector is experiencing a rapid transformation of the Supply Chain, a greater need for efficiency and, as a reference operator in our market, we have a duty to invest in this direction in order to ensure a high value service for these highly temperature-sensitive products, whose safety is only guaranteed if temperature fluctuations are close to zero”.

The biological drug market is in fact the one that most needs cold chain, and according to Assobiotec Association by 2030 80% of drugs will have a biotechnological origin. The characteristics of these products are guaranteed only if the real temperature is constant and in range, and for this reason customers can monitor the distribution chain of their products in real time through a personalized and dedicated access portal.