Eurodifam Goes E-Vehicle for Pharmaceutical Deliveries in Milan

19/10/2015 Categoria: Nuovi Servizi

Eurodifarm, Italian specialist in logistics distribution of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and biomedical products, has expanded its fleet for deliveries in Milan city center thanks to a new temperature-controlled electric vehicle.

“We are an active member of Freight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe (FrEVue) – a European project to promote the use of electric vehicles for goods deliveries in large urban centers – with a goal of reducing air and acoustic pollution in the field of logistics,” says Aldo Soffientini, Managing Director of EDF. “With Eurodifarm, we’re showcasing a viable alternative to diesel vehicles as well as our innovation by using an electric vehicle for ‘last mile’ deliveries.” The Nissan EN-V200 e-vehicle also provides evidence of the suitability and reliability of the solution.

The vehicle is dedicated to the distribution of medicines to pharmacies located within the Area C congestion zone in the city of Milan.

The benefits of this project include improved efficiency in commercial traffic, a reduction in CO2 emissions as well as reduced cost, and the promotion of e-vehicles over fuel-based vehicles.

This electric vehicle is the first of many more improvements that are going to come in the near future and this is also a great step forward for our GoGreen initiatives in Italy.