A year after the opening, Genoa’s site obtains New ISO 9001:2008 certification

16/06/2015 Categoria: Qualità

Eurodifarm, Italian specialist in logistics distribution of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and biomedical controlled temperature products, has recently obtained the quality certification ISO 9001: 2008 for the regional platform of Genoa Bolzaneto, inaugurated last year.

Despite the difficult times that the markets are facing, the received certificate and the continuous investments in cutting-edge infrastructure demonstrate the commitment and the increasingly search for a quality in line with the requirements of the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

With an estimated logistic traffic of about 14,500 monthly shipments, the Genoa platform guarantees coverage in a strategic area, serving more than 500 pharmacies, 138 drugstores, 18 hospitals and wholesalers.

The site specialized in pharmaceutical and medical logistics is equipped with a large temperature controlled area, which also provides a safety cage for high value products, and with designed solutions for the customers with precise distribution needs. Furthermore, the platform uses several technological innovations (such as electrical traspallets), which guarantee greater operability and efficiency.